Joining us at EUHA Congress 2022?

05 September 2022

At Interacoustics, we look so much forward to meeting our business partners again. We hope you feel the same way.

If you are keen to learn more about what’s going on in the world of hearing aid fitting, you should join us at this year’s EUHA conference in Hannover, October 12-14, booth 136.

At EUHA, you will get the opportunity to meet Interacoustics’ skilled hearing aid fitting experts and get a demonstration of our Affinity Compact system, which is being praised heavily by our customers.

You can also learn more about some of the new features added to the system since its launch, and how they can benefit you, your clinic, and your clients.


Try out IA-AMTAS at our booth

Have you considered the benefits of adding automated audiometry to your clinic?

With IA-AMTAS, your clients can perform audiometry on their own, while you attend to more important tasks at the same time.

Try out IA-AMTAS yourself at booth 136, and learn how automated audiometry can:

  • Improve your clinic’s consistency and efficiency
  • Reduce physical contact with your patients
  • Streamline your staffing resources
  • Help to convert walk-in clients


Learn about our brand-new Probe Placement Indicator

Looking for an easy and consistent way to insert the probe tube for real-ear measurements?

Then we suggest going the route of a probe placement tool – Affinity Compact’s Probe Placement Indicator to be more specific. Based on machine learning, it shows insertion depth in real time, and provides a visible and audible signal when you’ve inserted the probe tube at the correct depth.

For live demos of the Probe Placement Indicator, come visit us at booth 136.


Quality Assurance Indicators

Does your brand offer hearing aid fitting across several sites?

With the Affinity Compact's Quality Assurance Indicators, you can tailor 13 audiometry and 9 real-ear measurement indicators to your organization's protocols. The Affinity Suite will then track if the expected workflow is followed and provide live feedback to the hearing care professional.

This helps to mandate your testing quality throughout your stores, and your customers will be receiving the same high-quality treatment wherever they seek help from your brand.

For live demos of the Quality Assurance Indicators, come visit us at booth 136.


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In January 2021, Leigh Martin, Interacoustics Academy Global Manager, held a webinar on automated audiometry, focusing on the IA‑AMTAS test.


Part 1/3: The Scientific Foundation

In part one of three, Leigh discusses how automated tests of hearing are currently used in audiology clinics. He then looks at the research behind the IA-AMTAS test and provides a summary of its development and validation studies.


Part 2/3: Clinical Procedure

In part two of three, Leigh discusses the steps required to complete an IA-AMTAS test, including patient instructions and transducer placements.


Part 3/3: Clinical Applications

In part three of three, Leigh discusses the use of automated diagnostic audiometry in different clinical settings.

Charlotte Ellemose Sonne
Charlotte Ellemose Sonne is a Master of Linguistics and Communication (cand.ling.merc.), having graduated from Aarhus University in 2004. Before joining Interacoustics, Charlotte's working experience included, among other, a seven year stay at DONG Energy (now Ørsted) as a Language Specialist.

Published: 05 September 2022
Modified: 05 September 2022


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